Suzanne and Walter Scott Scholars Program

Suzanne and Walter Scott Scholars Program

Eligibility Criteria

  • Outstanding academic achievement
  • Commitment to service
  • Demonstrated leadership ability
  • Open to students from any college or major


$25,000 per year for up to four years of undergraduate study


  • Scholars receive a $12,000 enrichment fund, which covers a required week-long Outward Bound Wilderness Leadership Experience in August prior to freshman year. 
  • The remainder of the enrichment fund can be used for: self-designed scholarship, public service, and leadership projects, such as academic research and related travel, community service, leadership training, unpaid internships, study abroad, or academic conferences.


Suzanne and Walter Scott Scholars are expected to maintain a 3.6 cumulative grade point average. If their first semester GPA falls below a 3.6 cumulative GPA, it will not affect their scholarship. However, if their cumulative GPA falls below 3.6 at the conclusion of their second semester or any semester thereafter, they will immediately be placed on scholarship probation and retain the scholarship for the next semester, during which they will have the opportunity to reestablish a cumulative GPA over 3.6. If, at the conclusion of the one-semester probationary period, they have improved their cumulative GPA to meet the requirement, they will retain the scholarship.

If they have not improved their cumulative GPA to 3.6, then the scholarship will be revoked immediately. They will retain the scholarship when their cumulative average returns to 3.6 or higher at the conclusion of any semester during the eight semesters for which their scholarship has been awarded. The Faculty Director may move you to another scholarship program with equivalent tuition funding if—after you have made a good faith effort over the course of your first three semesters of study—you are unable to meet the 3.6 cumulative GPA requirement due to the academic rigor of your intended major.

Should their Scott Scholarship be revoked because they did not meet its GPA requirement, and they continue to be enrolled at the University of Notre Dame, the University will continue to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need. Scott Scholarships are awarded independently of any Financial Aid that students may qualify for and receive. The availability of the scholarship and status will typically end four years from the date of initial enrollment as a merit scholar and will not be extended to additional semesters to account for any semesters during which students were not merit scholars.

If recipients are dismissed from the University for disciplinary reasons, including academic dishonesty, they will lose the scholarship and status as a scholar and will not be reconsidered.