Stamps Junior Madeline Owen Published in National Research Journal, UReCA

Author: McKenna Pencak

Owen Madeline WebOwen Madeline Web

Stamps Scholar junior Madeline Owen's article “Controlled Delivery of Bioactive Molecules for Improvement of Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus” was published in UReCA: The NCHC Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity. 

“This is a great production of an experiment that includes all the factors that we look for in STEM pieces,” a member of the UReCA editorial team said.

UReCA provides a publication venue for undergraduates with works that make a significant contribution to their respective fields of study and can be anything from microbiology to musical composition. Through an online platform, UReCA encourages interdisciplinary creative activity and research among undergraduates.

“Being published in UReCA is a national honor,” said Brian J. White, Ph.D., UReCA faculty advisor and Dean of College of Arts and Sciences at Graceland University. “UReCA features only a handful of interdisciplinary works from among the best in the nation.”

Selections for the journal are made from submissions received by a team of undergraduates at multiple colleges across the nation. Submissions are received throughout the year and represent a wide range of subjects, including creative works, scientific studies, and humanities research. Submissions are received on a rolling basis, and final decisions are made every August. This year only 25 students were accepted into the journal at a 13% acceptance rate.

“The selection of these students’ work for publication demonstrates not only exemplary student achievement, but also excellent university faculty and staff support, which undergraduates need to succeed in their fields,” said Johnny MacLean, Ph.D., UReCA faculty advisor and Assistant Provost at Southern Utah University. “Becoming published in UReCA is a university-wide endeavor as students must carefully research and become experts in their fields at the
undergraduate level before being selected.”

UReCA is an online, peer-reviewed journal that fosters the exchange of intellectual and creative work between undergraduate students, providing a platform where students can engage with and contribute to the advancement of their individual fields. Madeline's article can be found at