Intellectual Life

Intellectual Life

The University of Notre Dame offers distinctive intellectual preparation, opportunities, and mentoring to all of its undergraduates. Notre Dame Scholars receive the following additional opportunities to further develop their outstanding leadership skills and personal attributes.

First-Year Experience

All Notre Dame Scholars are required to participate in a First-Year Experience, a monthly workshop series to help our first-year scholars get to know one another. It features distinguished guest speakers from the University, senior merit scholars, the broader academy, and the local community, and is one of the many ways in which the Notre Dame Scholars' Program encourages its undergraduate scholars to become interdisciplinary thinkers and collaborative leaders across their diverse fields of study.

All-Scholar Forums

Each semester, current scholars gather to listen to distinguished guest speakers and present their research, service, and internship experiences at All-Scholar Forums.

Lounge Talks

Lounge Talks are informal events during which distinguished alumni, campus partners, and supporters of the program share their wisdom regarding post-graduate career paths, study abroad opportunities, obtaining research funding, finding internships and employment in various fields, and developing leadership skills.